Talay Thai, Halifax, Nova Scotia

We missed our flight to Halifax in the morning -_-.  (That was totally unexpected, we both had set the alarms before we went to sleep and somehow neither of us heard the alarm and we slept in for 2 hours… -_-) On top of that, while we were on our way to the Toronto city airport we got stuck in traffic because Queen Elizabeth was visiting town. Luckily Porter Airline was nice enough to give us two seats for the next flight to Halifax without penalties. Thank you Porter Airline!

When we finally arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia it was already 8pm. After we checked in at the Westin Hotel it’s almost 9pm. Both me and Richard were hungry and tired, and we did not want any fast food like McDonald or Burger King, so we decided to walk around and see if we can find a restaurant that’s still open at this hour. Then we found Talay Thai! The dishes seemed to be authentic and the menu looks yummy; therefore we decided to give it a try!

經過一天的折騰, (早上兩個人莫名其妙的睡過頭錯過飛機, 在去機場的路上碰到伊麗莎白女王來訪的車隊又被延遲了好一陣子), 還好Porter Airline二話不說就幫我們定下一班機票, 謝謝 Porter Airline! 終於在下午8點抵達 Halifax, Nova Scotia. 在 Westin Hotel 辦裡入住手續後後已經快要9點了, 我跟理查又餓又累, 可是我們不想要隨便叫賣當勞或者是披薩, 所以決定在路上走走, 看能不能找個餐廳吃晚餐, 無意間經過這間 Talay Thai Restaurant 看到它還開著. 菜色似乎也相當的道地, 就決定進來試試看!

走進門之後, 一個相當親切的泰國女生幫我們帶了位, 就坐下來準備點餐了. 因為已經接近9點, 並沒有甚麼人, 餐廳裝潢擺設很有泰國風味.

I ordered the Thai Massaman Curry ($12). It’s slightly sweet and not too spicy. Thick and creamy curry sauce is the perfect comfort food after a long day. The vegetable spring roll ($7.5 for 4) was crispy and  satisfying. Yummmmm…

我點的素食泰式瑪沙曼咖哩 (Massaman Curry), 偏甜不會很辛辣, 非常濃濃的咖哩香味帶著溫和的口感, 可以媲美在 Toronto 的 Linda Restaurant的咖哩. Curry 後面的春捲也很好吃, 用料實在, 只是 $7.50 有點偏貴

Richard ordered Cashew Chicken ($12.95), also slightly sweet, but just perfect for Richard because he’s got a sweet tooth. He said the chicken was very tender and the green pepper was quite refreshing; the savory dish was well balanced with the crunchy toasted cashew nuts. Very nicely done.

這是理查點的腰果雞, 也是偏甜 (很對這隻大螞蟻的味口 xD) 他說整體來說不會太油膩, 搭配的青椒紅椒非常的新鮮爽口, 雞肉也炒得相當鮮嫩恰到好處, 是一道很棒的泰式小炒

Our bill was about $ 50 including tips and drinks. Well priced and portioned, the food was fresh and delicious. We were very pleased to drop in on this restaurant!

整餐吃下來兩個人大約 $50 包括小費跟飲料, 以食物的水準以及 portion 來講, 價位算是非常合理, 很高興誤打誤撞能找到這家好餐廳


Food: 25/30

Decor: 22/30

Price: $15~$25

Note: 後來在網路上 google 了一下 Talay Thai, 發現廚師是從泰國請來的, 是一家相當正宗並且得過不少 award 的泰式料理餐館 !

We googled Talay Thai afterwards and found out that this restaurant has won numerous awards. Their dishes are really authentic because the chefs come from Thailand himself!

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