Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

The Lighthouse Route (See map below) is definitely worth the drive! Nova Scotia is surrounded by sea; of course fishery and seafaring are extremely crucial in the province. The Lighthouse Route takes you through impressive landscape of coastal beauty and historic charm. There are 20 lighthouses in total on this route including Peggy’s Point Lighthouse (see my previous blog post), and don’t miss the charming Mahone Bay as well as UNESCO World Heritage Site Lunenburg!

在這裡要跟大家推薦 Nova Scotia (新斯科舍省)的 Lighthouse Route! (燈塔路線圖請看下) 因為Nova Scotia四面環海, 以前這裡的人們主要是出海打魚維生, 燈塔的重要性自然不在話下. 整個南海岸線一路開來都是美裡的海岸景觀和各式各樣的燈塔,有可愛的, 有雄偉的, 總共有20 座紅頂白身的燈塔。之前部落格我曾提到的 Peggy’s Cove 佩姬之灣Mahone Bay以及 Lunenburg 盧嫩堡就是很經典的景點。

Mahone Bay

Mahone Bay is a postcard perfect charming little maritime village. It is rich in history, culture and architecture.
Mahone Bay

Notice the picture on the left side of the sign? The actual buildings look exactly like it! (See pictures below)
注意到牌子左邊的小圖嗎? 跟事實上的建築其實一樣喔! (看下圖) 很可愛吧^.^

Breathtakingly beautiful in the fall. 秋天楓葉紅的話又會是呈現更美的另外一個風情喔

The charming main street hosts an assortment of art galleries, specialty shops and museums – all within an easy stroll.

可愛的鐘擺小人豎立在花園中 Pendulum art work by Mark Clark

羊咩咩站在外面 Sheep outside of a local shop


The historic town was designated a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Site in 1995 for its unique architecture and civic design, being the best example of planned British colonial settlement in North America.

盧嫩堡老城在1995年被列入聯合國“世界文化遺產”中,成立於1753年,盧嫩堡老城是英國在北美的殖民定居的一個突出的例子,這個模範城鎮街道筆直,整個城市以格子網狀般發展, 建築色彩鮮豔優美, 老房子們都是被小心的維護保護著。

The world famous Bluenose Schooner was first launched at Lunenburg. The original Bluenose was built in Lunenburg’s legendary Smith and Rhuland Shipyard to compete for the International Fisherman’s Trophy. In October 1921, the Bluenose won her first race and for the next 17 years, she defeated all contenders. It has become the Nova Scotia icon as well as Canadian symbol in the 1930’s. To this day, the bluenose still grace the Canadian dime.
其造船和捕魚業也都仍然蓬勃發展著, 這裡的人非常以他們的航海歷史引以為傲. 其中以Bluenose (藍鼻子號)最為有名, 擁有著十七年(1921-1937)國際漁人杯不敗的紀錄! 成為當時Nova Scotia及加拿大驕傲的象徵。1937年加拿大將面值Dime (10 Cents)的流通硬幣圖案改款,以藍鼻子號鑄在錢幣上,至今圖案仍未改變喔。

Fisherman in bright yellow raincoat, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
Bright colored historical building is now an Optometry Clinic
Grand Old Historic Building
It would be cool to have a sign like this one day 😀
Another example of bright colored houses
鮮藍色的Lunenburg Arms Hotel