Public Gardens, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax 其實不大, 重要的景點用走的都走得到. 我們花了一天的時間在城市裡漫步探索.

It’s easy to explore Halifax. The important attractions are mostly within walking distances. We spend a day discovering the Halifax historical downtown by foot.

Click the link for detailed Map – Trip Planner 2009-Halifax Map


位於市中心的Public Gardens, 在網路上大家都說是必看的景點之一,本來以為會是個很漂亮的花園, 可惜維護的不是很好,也許是因為我們從BC省來的關係美麗的花園BC省處處皆是. 如果沒有時間的話這個點可以省略 😛

The Public Gardens is one of the most recommended attraction in Halifafx. Unfortunately, it wasn’t well maintained. Maybe it’s because we had seen too many beautiful gardens in BC, we weren’t impressed by the Public Gardens at all. If you are in a hurry, I’d say this is a site that you can skip. 😛

Public Gardens in Halifax is a rare North American example of formal English Victorian public gardens,


A hot summer day

中午剛好有現場音樂會, 由五位很可愛的女孩子們組成的一個團體, 她們是從紐芬蘭來的親姊妹, 結合現代流行音樂跟傳統愛爾蘭音樂的演出, 很有特色, 團體的名子叫 Ashelin. 炎炎夏日坐在樹陰下聽活潑有朝氣的表演, 這就是典型在國外假日的生活享受.

The Tatoo Festival is happening around the city. There is music everywhere on the street. We happen to see a live concert performed by a group of sisters. The band is called Ashelin. These girls are from Newfoundland Canada. Their music is so infectious, there are tons of people gathering in the park to listen to them. It was a treat to see them live in this hot summer day. “Known for their sparkling vocals and intricate harmonies, ASHELIN’s brand of folk roots and pop shines through their original songwriting and novel interpretations of traditional tunes. ” (

小朋友們欣賞音樂會, 一開始覺得太熱還露出很難過的表情, 可是音樂一開始馬上就開心起來了 !
Music is the universal language. Look how happy the kids are.