Halifax Citadel, Nova Scotia

Click the link for detailed Map – Trip Planner 2009-Halifax Map

Another must see in Halifax is the star-shaped Halifax Citadel National Historic Site of Canada,where Halifax’s historic role as key naval station in the British Empire is commermorated. The music and pageantry of the kilted 78th Highlanders and the precision of the Royal Artillery bring history to life as you step back in time to 1869. The audio-visual presentation and guided tours are very informative. Don’t miss the firing of the noon gun- a daily ritual since the mid-19th century.

另一個必看的景點是是 Halifax 最重要的軍事遺跡 – 星型碉堡要塞。當年英国人率軍在一七四九年建立 Halifax 时,已料到此地會成為重要的軍事基地,便在市内的山上蓋起了一座有護城河的城堡,以抵御法國人的進攻,不幸後來毀於戰火。現在的城堡為一八二五年重建,原来破舊的營房,已經改建為具有歷史價值的軍事博物館。每天中午12點整會有穿著傳統制服的士兵進行鳴炮儀式,二百年来從未間斷過喔。在夏季的觀光季節裡,每天都有穿著士兵服装的學生,定時舉行威武的換岡儀式。城堡裡面的導覽很詳盡,敬業的演員們為您解說當年盛況,讓人一踏進去彷彿時光到流到一八六久年。

The Citadel Hill

Looking down toward the Halifax Harbour from the Citadel Hill (My attempt to do tilt-shift post processing)

The entrance tunnel leads to the main historic site

The aging door that may have been through quite a few wars?

It’s not hard to imagine soldiers walking on the grounds in the 19th centuries. 從黑白相片中不難想像當年的景色

Actors posing for the tourists. 這些都是演員們


A very cute sentry ^_^

These actors are wearing wool clothing in 30° C. Not an easy job!

Rows of cannons. 排排站的大砲

According to the folk legend, Halifax Citadel is a very haunted place! You can book a ghost walk tour and stroll by candlelight along the ramparts and through the passages and chambers of the park. A lone guide will tell you all about the ghost stories that happens on the site. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart! We took a picture of one of the dark tunnels, and it really is creepy~~~~

據民間傳說,這座碉堡絕對是一個鬧鬼的地方!心臟夠強的人可以鬼城探險之旅,拿著蠟燭隨著嚮導在漆黑的城裡一邊走著,一邊聽嚮導說著發生在城裡的靈異事件! 我們照了一張黑暗的隧道之圖片,到今天看到這張照片我都還會頭皮發麻 -_-