Streetscape of Downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia (哈利法克斯街景)

One of the magnificent churches in Halifax – Saint Mary’s Cathedral Basilica Halifax (1820). The basilica also boasts the tallest granite spire in North America.
哈利法克斯市區裡的一座老教堂 (建於1820年), 尖尖的屋頂高聳入雲,這座大教堂擁有全北美最高的花崗石尖塔。

The Halifax Fest Dinner Theatre – musical theatre + dining service.
The Halifax Fest Dinner Theatre 是個可以坐下來吃晚餐一邊享受音樂劇得好地方

Many historic properties are turned into shops. For example, Shops at Grandville Mall leads you into a network of arched brick passageways that connect shops and the university. You can easily imagine the scene a century ago – carts crowding the alley with merchandise from ports around the world.

老屋新力, 以前的舊房子現在成為商家店舖及餐館.

I don’t know the story of this building. I wonder if it’s burned and had fallen down, but I love the exposed brick and the aged feeling mixed in a modern downtown scene.

不知道這間老房子的故事是甚麼, 火災? 老舊而傾倒? 在現代化的城市裡它卻深深的吸引我的眼光。四周的高樓大廈把他層層包圍,但是沒有建築比他更有特色。斑駁的磚牆暴露在外, 經過了這麼多年, 部分的房子仍然屹立不搖, 希望這間建築能被注入新力,能夠重新被翻修住日新生命。

Another look of the downtown streets, filled with restaurants and shops. 

Halliburton House Inn by the historic waterfront

The Waverley Inn, Halifax’s Victorian historic Bed and Breakfast style Inn.

街景一角,女孩們在顏色多彩鮮豔的服飾店選購 Girls shopping at a colorful store.

Da Maurizio Fine Dinning Restaurant.

Another popular spot – The Henry House Restaurant and Pub (1834)