Baddeck, Nova Scotia

PEI前往Cape Breton Island 的途中經過了一個漂亮的小村莊 Baddeck. 遊客很多,很有歷史氣氛。像是 The Telegraph House Motel 就是其中之一,電話的發名家貝爾第一次來這個小鎮的時候曾住過這裡,他下榻的房間到現在都還保存著。貝爾先生非常喜歡這裡,還在這個小鎮蓋了一間夏日別墅,再這裡住了30年。

We passed by this charming little village called Baddeck. It’s the beginning and the end of world famous Cabbot Trail. Mr. Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of modern telephone, lived here in his summer home for 30 years. During his first visit, he stayed at the Telegraph House Motel (shown in picture). The room is preserved in much the same style and charm as it was when staying here in the late 1880’s.

The Telegraph House 曾經是北美第一個跨洋電纜公司,當年許多電報都是從這裡發出去的。

The Telegraph House, built in 1861, is owned and operated by the fourth and fifth generations of the Dunlop Family. As once contained the office of the first Trans-Oceanic Cable Company, some of the first telegraph messages in North America were sent from the office in the “Telegraph House”. (

Aphrodite  一間服飾店

Arlie 禮品店

Mr. William Kidston 是促成這個小鎮發展的很重要的人,這是他以前居住過的房子。

Mr. William Kidston was a very important merchant in the village. The community owes much to Mr. Kidston. It was he who advised the separation of Cape Breton and Victoria Counties and gave the site of the present Court House to the village. (