Lantern Hill & Hollow Inn, Ingonish Nova Scotia

離開了PEI, 我們一路開往 Cape Breton Island(布雷頓角島), Nova Scotia .
After our very short visit at PEI, our next destination is Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. The following is our route map.
當天晚上在Lantern Hill & Hollow Beachfront Cottages下榻。這間海濱別墅位於 Ingonish, Cape Breton Island 東北邊的一個小鎮。Lantern Hill & Hollow 有 6 個獨立的 cottages 以及 3 個優美的客房,最大的賣點是三英畝的 ”私人海灘 ”!! 從山丘上的別墅裡看出去,大西洋就是幾步之遙。這家小旅館 在 Tripadvisor 上面有超過90%的人推薦以及 4.5顆半星的評價, 他的 cottage 嚴格來說不是很貴, $250 per night 可以住 5 個人, 可是這次因為只有我跟理查兩個人旅行, 所以我們選了他們的 Guest room, 一晚稅後大約 $200 並不便宜, 可是一想到可以在夕陽下的沙灘上漫步, 就衝動的訂下去了。長途奔波後能在這裡過放鬆的過一晚,果然超值得。 海灘乾淨景色優美,天氣也溫和宜人,海風徐徐吹來真的是非常優閒愜意,躺在沙灘上聽一陣一陣的海浪聲真的是世界上最大的享受。

這是主要的房子, 裡面有三間 Guest room 跟一間客廳

We are staying at Lantern Hill & Hollow Beachfront Cottages for the night. This cottage is located at Ingonish, a small town just north east of Cape Breton Island. It has 6 individual cottages plus 3 guest rooms in the Main House. The biggest selling point (for us) is the 3 acre private beach overlooking the Atlantic Ocean! This beach front property is highly rated (4.5 stars) on Tripadvisor, and the pictures just look amazing. The cottage is not overly expensive, it’s about $250 per night for 5 people. However, since there are just the two of us, we opted to stay in the guest room and ended up paying close to $200 (tax in).

前門的客服台 Front Entrance Rception

Peony Rose Guest Room, 房間很大又非常的乾淨明亮
This is our room – Peony Rose Guest Room. Bright and spacious~

Living room and a walk-out balcony.

屋外的小花園, 住客可以在躺椅上看著海休息閒聊
Small garden by the property. Guests are welcome to enjoy a drink and chill on the lounge chairs.

I have to say it was definitely worth every penny though. It’s so tranquil and just out of this world.  I could stay here forever.

窗外就是海灘跟小木屋, 走到海灘只要 2 分鐘不到

This is the view out of our rooms. Atlantic Ocean is just steps away!

Stepping on the warm and soft white sands is such an amazing feeling.


Sun is slowly setting behind us


Lantern Hill & Hollow Inn 除了無敵海景之外, 房間也是非常舒適,當晚我們開著窗,吹著溫暖海風,聽著海徐徐入眠。旅館旁邊也有多家很受好評的餐廳 (Seagull Restaurant, Coastal Water, 還有 Main Street Restaurant and Bakery, 其中  Coastal Water 的家庭式早餐份量十足喔!)

That night, we leave the windows open. The warm salty breeze fills the room and we listen to the soothing ocean waves while we slowly fall into deep sleep. Ah….. I want to go back already!

There are a few good restaurants near by. Such as  Seagull Restaurant, Coastal Water, and Main Street Restaurant and Bakery. We had breakfast at Coastal Water. Good home cooking style comfort food and good value; thumbs up.

Lantern Hill & Hollow
Address: 36845 The Cabot Trail
Ingonish Beach, Cape Breton Highlands
Phone: 1-888-663-0225 (Canada & US)
Web :

Canada Select
Trip Advisor

如果想跑一趟  Cape Breton, 這家旅館會是很好的中途休息站 ! 強力推薦!
If you ever find yourself in Cape Breton Island, I’d strongly recommend that you spend a night at the Lantern Hill & Hollow!