Microdermabrasion at HealthMedica in Yorkville

I’ve been wondering what’s the fuss about microdermabrasion (microderm) for quite some time. A few months ago when I saw the deal on FabFind for microdermabrasion plus facial at HealthMedica, also known as HealthWorks in Yorkville for only $32.77!!! I had to try it. Regular price for microderm usually ranges from $100-$300.

According to my research. microderm’s benefits include:

  • Treating acne blemishes
  • Cleaning enlarged and clogged pores, blackheads and whiteheads
  • Restoring a healthy, smooth feel to skin
  • Helping fight signs of aging
  • Hyperpigmentation

Unfortunately, I have all of the above XD….. My skin is not terrible, but my fiance has baby smooth skin. Life is so unfair 😦 Therefore, I was eager to book the appointment a week before engagement ceremony, so I could have radiant, smooth skin for the photos.

It didn’t happen that way of course. Not because I left things for the last minute. In fact, I have been calling HealthMedica 3 weeks in advance. Nobody ever picks up the phone. I left message for them, nobody returns my phone call. I tried booking online; same thing, no response whatsoever. So I got really frustrated and wrote to FabFind to ask for a refund. Nope, nothing, FabFind never replied my email. Lesson learned! Be really cautious when you purchase from these deal find websites.

Fortunately for me, HealthMedica did return my phone call after two weeks. Although it was too late to for my engagement, but I am still glad that they called me back and everything worked out all right.

Front Entrance of HealthMedica in Yorkville

There is a dental office on the second floor

HealthMedica is on the third floor

There are 5 treatment rooms as far as I can tell

The decor inside of the treatment roomThe microderm peel machine

It’s a very busy location, people were coming in and out of the clinic all the time. The staff were pleasant, and after filling out the consent form I was taken in to the treatment room right away. I had MaryLu who performed the microderm for me. She patiently explained what to expect and what’s the proper care after the treatment.

MaryLu first washes my face and dries my skin with alcohol. Apparently too much oil can clog the machine and it will lose suction. Then the tip is placed on my skin, and the machine starts to spit out tiny little crystals which buffs away the dead skin cells. The suction tip then picks up all the debris and crystals back into the machine. The process is repeated a few times all over my skin.

It was not as painful as I first thought it would be. Some minor stinging that’s all. After all, it’s what a intensified exfoliation should feel like. And the stinging sensations went away in about 5 minutes after MaryLu applied the cooling mask on me. I didn’t even noticed the redness that most people have right after the treatment. Maybe it’s because my skin tone is darker.

Afterwards, another aesthetician, Margherita, came in and did a mini facial for me. Her hands were really soft and warm, and it felt quite soothing after the harsh microderm. They warned me that my skin will feel a lot more sensitive and it’s important to apply sunscreen and avoid exfoliating or using products that has salicylic acid.

And that was it, all finished! My first microderm experience was pleasant enough. Did I see any difference afterwards? Slightly…. MaryLu did say my skin condition is pretty good, so the microderm was more like a regular tune up. I noticed the skin is slightly softer, and much less blackheads around my T-Zone. To me, the results are similar to a regular facial.

So would I pay $135 for a microderm? Probably not any time soon. 😛