Short Animations that I Enjoy

Recently I found a few short film/animations on youtube that I thoroughly enjoyed! For example, the old grumpy Granny O’Grimm. Granny O’Grimm wants to be the best granny in the world, but her bitterness and resentment toward this world just come BURSTING right out from her bedtime story telling 😛

There are 26 stories in this series. This is the only one available online. Can’t wait to see the other Granny O’Grimm‘s bedtime stories.

And Sebastian’s Voodoo by Joaquin Baldwin is just amazing and heartbreaking. This animation has won him countless numbers of awards! Superb quality and an incredible story!

When Joaquin Baldwin created this film, he was only a second year university student. I hope to see more of his remarkable work in the future!

Now for something more light-hearted. The Lady and the Reaper by Javier Recio Gracia, another young artist. This animation is a fierce battle between the reaper and the emergency doctor over the life of a sweet old lady. (For HD veresion click here)

And Holy Sheep is just cute and adorable. Baaaaaa~~~

Of course Pixar creates great short animations too. Take a look at One Man Band.