Le Commensal

There is a wide variety of good vegetarian restaurants in Toronto. One of our favourite is Le Commensal!
多倫多有好多很棒的素食餐廳,最常去的莫過於是 Le Commensal !

Le Commensal is buffet/cafeteria style restaurant. You serve yourself and pay by weight. There are lots of options for soups, beverages, salads, hot and cold dishes and sweets! The dishes change daily but remain largely the same over the years. Some of the dishes even come in frozen packages so you can take them home and stack them in the freezer. Just heat them up and you are ready to enjoy the hot dishes!

Le Commensal 是自助餐式的餐廳,東西是秤重量付錢。它的菜色林朗滿目,主要分為冷食沙拉區,熟食主菜區,熱湯,甜點,飲料,還有冷凍食品喔,帶回家加熱就可以享受美食。

As you can see, our plates are sky high because there are just so many dishes that we want to try. I absolutely love their salads. It’s fresh, wholesome and delicious!  My favorite hot dish is the Thai Seitan for its sweet and sour taste. The Ma Po Tofu is not too spicy but flavourful. I especially like to pick out the cute little champagne mushrooms because they are so chewy and tender!

Also, I really appreciate that they label all the dishes accordingly. The labels tell you whether a dish has dairy or egg or it’s gluten free.

每次去都會把盤子裝得滿滿滿,因為想吃的東西太多了 😛 我喜歡它家的沙拉,總是新鮮營養又爽口,吃了會覺得很有活力。最最喜歡的是 Thai Seitan, 酸酸甜甜得好好吃! 麻婆豆腐也超下飯的,我很愛特地挑選它的小磨菇,鮮嫩好吃啊!

Tons of different choices; from veggie pizza to sushi to curry to quiche. They have something from every cuisine.


Remember to save some room desserts! Chocolate cake, lemon pie, oatmeal raisin coockies…. you name it! Who says vegetarian cuisines are boring? Now they also have a breakfast bar which opens at 7:30am. If you go late at night, you can also enjoy 20% off. On the walls, Le Commensal features local artists’ art works and we like to enjoy live jazz music on summer nights at the restaurant.

現在他們有早餐Bar, 每個weekday早上7:30am就開門。中餐及晚餐的價位中等,一個人大約$11-30加幣,有地下停車場,周末及晚上可以免費停車。他們和多倫多當地的藝術家,音樂家常常有合作,很多晚上都會有現場音樂表演,Jass Festival 的時候我們就會去吃東西邊聽 Live Jazz! 聽完以後去Eaton Centre逛街 😛


655 Bay St.
Toronto, ON M5G 2K4
(416) 596-9364

Validated underground parking is available for customers on weekend and week nights.

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