WaveLight Teeth Whitening at Beauty Bar Yonge and Steeles

Got another FabFind certificate! This time it’s a double treatment for WaveLight Teeth Whitening at Beauty Bar. Just in time for my pre-engagement photo shoot in Taiwan.

I have always been very proud of my teeth. Never had a tooth cavity in my life, never had to wear braces for my teeth! But ever since I got addicted to soy latte, I did notice that my teeth are becoming slightly discolored over the years.

I called and made an appointment for the double treatment at Bellair Beauty Bar on Yonge and Steeles. The ladies who work in the store were pleasant enough. They told me that the laser works to remove stains from the teeth. I might feel slight sensitivity afterwards but it’s only temporary.

A pre-treatment teeth color was determined by comparing my teeth to a template. The bleach gel (peroxide H2O2) then was injected onto a rubber tray which I am suppose to bite down to immerse my teeth completely in the gel. Next, the blue WaveLight was placed directly above my mouth for 20 minutes.

I was quite excited and started taking pictures of myself and texting my friends on iPhone. I tried to bite down on the rubber tray as hard as I could and tried to smile as wide as I could so the process can be more effective. 20 minutes passed by quite fast, and I didn’t feel any sensitivity and discomfort at all. Other than my sore jaw muscles.

When 20 minutes are up. I was instructed to spit out everything and rinse my mouth in the washroom. Then we did another color comparison, I have improved by two shades! The technician said a lot of people actually improve about 4-5 shades in one treatment. Since my teeth weren’t so discolored to begin with, that’s why we didn’t see a lot of changes.

Then the second set of treatment starts over again. About 10 minutes into the session, I began to feel some sensitivity on the lower gum, which the technician did warn me about because we were doing two treatments in a row. The sensation grew stronger and it started to feel like there were 1000 ants biting on my gums >_< This time wasn’t as fun as the first one.

Again, this time there was another two shades improvement. But I learned my lesson. I would never ever do double treatment in one day. Although The sensitivity WAS temporary, (it was gone in 5 minutes after i rinsed and brushed my teeth,) it sure did felt like eternity when i was sitting in that chair!

Overall, I was still happy with the result. It wasn’t a huge difference, but there’s definitely an improvement. YAY! (However, I couldn’t help but feel “thank god I didn’t pay for regular price!”)