Yours Truly

Yours truly is the newest hot spot on Ossington strip. Chef Jeff Claudio comes from some of the world’s most celebrated kitchens, including Blackbird and Alinea in Chicago, Noma in Copenhagen, Rockpool in Sydney, Scarpetta in Toronto and of course Per se in New York! It’s got raved reviews from The Star, Blog TO, and Toronto Life.

今天晚上去了 Yours Truly, 多倫多最近很受歡迎的新餐廳。加拿大BC省出生的主廚Jeff Claudio曾待過許多世界有名的餐廳,像是芝加哥的 Blackbird and Alinea, 哥本哈根的 Noma, 雪梨的 Rockpool 還有最有名的紐約 Per se! 看到這麼傲人的履歷,我們當然想去嘗一嘗。

店裡的裝潢獨具一格,到處可以看到巧思,小從燈泡(exposed filament bulbs) 大至可以掛外套包包的吧檯都是獨一無二的設計,簡約卻帶著粗曠的現代感。配上funky的音樂,整家店散發的是 trendy and chic 的氛圍。

The menu is simple, and it’s always evolving. There are two daily four-course prix fixe menu ($45 for meat, $35 for vegetarian) and a snack menu ($5 – 13) to sop up the cocktails. The concept of the snack menu is the newest trend in Toronto. Eateries like The Black Hoof, 416 Snack Bar and Grand Electric have made the bite-size sexy.

他們的菜單很簡單,而且會不斷的變換。主要有兩個不一樣的 Tasting Menu (Veg $35 & Meat $45) 加上 Snack Menu ($5 – 13),最近越來越多這類型的高級小吃店,現在多倫多深夜有了更多可以聊天打牙祭的去處。

Chef Claudio 還會多送一些 amuse-bouche 一口嘗的小點, 今天我們有幸吃到了 Creamy Cauliflower Soup, Truffle-infused Falafel Balls with Yogurt and Spinach Leafs topped with whipped buttermilk, salt and rye breadcrumbs!

The Cauliflower soup is very creamy and smooth, but I am not a cream person and I find it too rich for me.

Love love love the Truffle-infused Falafal Balls! And I also adore the way it’s presented; to have them come out in a tight seal jar that’s filled with rice made them so much more enticing. The amazing aroma just fills your nostril the moment the lid is opened. I can have 10 more of these!

我超愛這個Truffle-infused Falafal Balls! Falafal 是一道中東的菜,煎成球狀,廚師特地把它做成松露的樣子放在小罐子裡。蓋子一打開那撲鼻的香味令人食指大動! 配上旁邊的優格,酥酥脆脆的超好吃! 雖然Falafal是一道常見的菜,但是從來沒有吃過這麼精緻好吃的。

Very interesting combination between the spinach leaves and the butter milk. I’ve never had rye breadcrumbs, but I like it.

Below is a picture of the Cold Cod. Toronto Life Magazine describes the Cold Cod as, “Inari, stuffed with salt cod, nori and rice and sided by tangy Kewpie mayonnaise, taste like they’ve been flown in from Japan’s best izakaya” Cured cod incorporated in the Inari sushi is dipped in Kewpie mayonnaise adds a twist to the familiar comfort food that we grew up with.

在 Toronto Life 雜誌上特別介紹醃鱈魚稻荷壽司,雖然形容得有點誇張,不過還是不失為一個可口的小菜。日本美乃滋配上醃鱈魚稻荷壽司,雖然是我們亞洲人蠻熟悉的口味,但是是個很欣穎的吃法。

Deviled Eggs – hard boiled eggs, topped with nori flakes, sesame, and a hint of hot sauce? Creative! Awesome presentation and an unusual flavour combination. Not Richard’s all time favourite though, maybe because he is not an egg person.

魔鬼蛋 😛 – 白煮蛋,蛋黃掏出後和日式的乾燥拌料 (Furikake) 攪拌後再填充回去,加上芝麻海苔以及泰國辣醬點綴,真的很 Kawaii !

Lobster Roll – Lobster and Celery Aioli on top of Wonderbread。 National Post: “Two toasty, buttery halves enclosing a goodly bite of lobster meat.”
理查說,龍蝦真材實料,但是配料還好,用 Wonderbread 麵包做 presentation 看起來像是大亨堡 XD

(Sorry for the blurry picture) Pork Belly Ssam – Perth Pork belly and marinated coriander on boston lettuce。Again, another Asian inspired snack, more specifically, Korean cuisine inspired Ssam. However, Richard felt that the dish was too cold and the pork belly is a bit dry, he prefers the juicy type of pork belly like the steamed Hirata Buns he had at Ippudo NY.
這是很多人討論的韓式菜包肉,因為是冷盤,理査覺得肉有點乾,他還是比較喜歡軟嫩的五花肉,像是以前在他在紐約的拉麵店 Ippudo 吃過刈包就讓他念念不忘。

First course from Veg Tasting Menu – Yogurt. Solid yogurt topped with cauliflower, cucumber, meyer lemon, dill and rye breadcrumb. The solid yogurt was silky smooth. I had a lot of fun eating it. It tasted almost like cheese cake.


Second course from Veg Tasting Menu – Onsen Tamago, a Japanese Inspired dish, grilled rice, spinach, mushroom, popped corn dashi.
Third course from Veg Tasting Menu – Seeds and Grains – Variety of vegetables and grains with sesame foam.

Over all, we love the decor, the vibe and the creativity of the dishes. Staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Not only do the chefs cook in the kitchen, they also bus the tables. They bring out the dishes and introduce them to the customers, acting as “ambassadors and translators between the kitchen and dining room.” ( However, the service was extremely slow, there was at least 20 minutes wait between each course. I definitely feel that’s something they have to work on immediately.


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