Terroni on Yonge St

A beautiful Sunday morning. After we had our relaxing RMT Massages at NOVO Spa, we went to Terroni on Yonge (Rosedale) to have Lunch.
星期天的中午,我們在NOVO SPA 享受完舒服的RMT Massages 後,來到 Terroni on Yonge (Rosedale) 義大利餐廳吃午餐。

Terroni Restaurant is a moderatly priced casual restaurant located by Bloor St. and Yonge St. in the Rosedale and Summerhill area of Downtown Toronto.

這是 Terroni 的第三家店,位在 Yonge St 上,Bloor 以北,價錢中上。

The decor feels rustic yet sophisticated and homely at the same time. The exposed wires and pipes made the restaurant feel almost industrial, but the exposed bricks and fireplace warm it up nicely.


They kept the table set up simple – clean glasses and white napkins.  很簡單的擺設,乾淨的玻璃杯配上白色餐巾

Menu is available on Terroni’s Official Website.    可以參考官網上的菜單

Striking color combination for the espresso cup and saucer. Neat!   這個顏色組合超可愛的啦!

Tortellini in Brodo 12.95
Homemade tortellini stuffed with mortadella, prosciutto, parmigiano, capon broth

Richard ordered Tortellini in Brodo from the special. Our waitress describes it as little ducklings floating in the pond. Apparently the Tortellini takes 3 days to prepare. Looks like a simple dish but it is a lot of work. Richard likes it and he seems to think it’s comparable to the Chinese Dumpling Soup~ 😛

理查點了Tortellini in Brodo (義式餃子湯),他很喜歡,說跟餛飩湯有異曲同工之妙。我們的服務生小姐形容這些小餃子就像是小鴨子在池塘裡游泳,而且小鴨子們看雖簡單,做起來卻費工夫,竟然要三天才能完成。

Funghi Assoluti 12.95 (Vegetarian)
baked oyster mushrooms, parmigiano, bread crumbs, extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, arugola

I am a fan of any mushroom dishes. This one is simple but flavourful.

前菜我點了烤秀珍菇,我偷偷把他學起來了,把烤箱設到350度左右,用一個平底鍋,一些油,切一點蒜頭丟進鍋中把大蒜爆香,加入秀珍菇一起炒,加點鹽,炒到菇稍軟以後盛起備用。然後把鍋子擦乾淨,炒麵包屑到稍微有點咖啡色就可以了。剛剛的秀珍菇沾上麵包屑以後放入烤箱烤10分鐘左右就可以了。拿出來放在沙拉上,淋一點balsamic vinegar (傳統義大利黑香醋) 跟特級初榨橄欖油就完成了。依自己喜好加上起司和黑胡椒。

Farinata Ligure 13.95 (Vegetarian)
chick pea pancake, grilled seasonal vegetables, cherry tomatoes, ricotta salata, olives, pine nuts, fresh herbs

I wanted to try this dish because of the chick pea pancake, but turns out it’s just way too greasy and bland. The grill vegetables are cold and really nothing special. Not going to order this again.

我想要試這個Farinata Ligure因為想說chick pea pancake (鷹嘴豆煎餅) 看起來很好吃,結果出乎意外的油膩卻又平淡無味。烤蔬菜酸酸冷冷的,跟煎餅整個很不搭,不怎麼喜歡這道菜。

Marinara 13.50 (Vegan)
tomato, basil, herbs, garlic ( no mozzarella)

I was pleasantly surprised to find a vegan option on the menu. Although the Marinara looks like nothing special, it’s amazingly refreshing and tasty! The combination of tomato basil sauce and light thin pizza crust is just perfect for me. Smoky, sweet and savory~

難得一見純素的比薩! Marinara 雖然看起來好像沒什麼特別的,但是吃起來卻是令人驚訝的清爽可口!番茄羅勒醬和輕薄比薩脆皮的組合,真是完美的組合。好吃!

If you want authentic Italian, Terroni is definitely a place to go. I know a lot of people were dissatisfied with Terroni’s service and its inflexibility to the menu. They do not accommodate any alternation to the menu. We were lucky; our waitress was very friendly and nice. She spent time explaining to us about the dishes, and filled up our glasses quickly. We knew what we were getting into before we went to the restaurant, and we had a good time and left happily with full tummies.

Terroni on Yonge 呈現的是很傳統的義大利菜,菜單選擇多樣化,輕鬆的餐廳氣氛很讓人放鬆。最被人詬病的常常是它的服務態度,不過我們碰到的服務生都很友善,也肯花時間解釋我們不懂的菜單。另外一個要特別提到的,Terroni不接受任何菜單上的改變,白紙黑字寫得很清楚,我是覺得這有些不近人情,但這是公司方針,因為他們覺得提出特別的要求會影響到廚房的效率,所以我在這裡先讓大家知道,去的時候才有心理準備。

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