Panera Bread (Thronhill, ON)

We frequently visit Panera Bread in Thornhill for its fresh made sandwiches. My favourite is the Mediterranean Veggie (Vegetarian) sandwich with Tomato Basil Sourdough bread. So light and refreshing. The sweet streusel topping is the best part of the sandwich. Mmm…. savory….

我們常常去 Promenade Mall 旁邊的Panera Bread 享受他們新鮮的三明治。我最喜歡地中海蔬果三明治,他的番茄羅勒麵包讓我第一次吃就愛上! 新鮮的蔬食配上清新的醬料,加上他甜甜的脆脆的麵包皮,好好吃!


Fresh baked breads are available daily. Their sandwiches are made fresh right in front of your eyes. Light in calories but packed with wholesome ingredients. Definitely a very healthy choice for everyone. There are also many different hearty soups to chose from, and you can order them in a bread bowl!



With your choice of sandwich, you also have a choice of apple, chips, or baguette. Richard ordered Napa Almond Chicken Salad. He loves the creamy special dressing that they make, yet the fresh fruits and vegetables in the sandwich keeps the sandwich very refreshing.



Richard also had the Low-Fat Chicken Tortilla Soup. Looking at the tri-colored tortilla strips floating on the soup makes me feel cheerful. Richard said it’s very satisfying and fulfilling.



The cafe has free WIFI. It’s got lots of comfortable and cozy seatings. It is excellent for grabbing a quick bite, hanging out with your friends. To me, the only thing that’s lacking is a good cup of coffee. Their fresh brewed coffee is not bad, but not great either.

Panera 餐廳還有免費無線上網,大又舒服的座椅很適合和朋友聚聚聊天。中午如果想要買個簡單的午餐也不失為一個好去處。唯一不足的就是沒有好咖啡,雖然咖啡是有,可是對我們來說不夠讚 XD

P.S. They do accommodate my request to make the sandwich Vegan! Awesome!

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