Crêpes à GoGo

位在市中心的可麗餅店 Crêpes à GoGo。進去彷彿身至巴黎,不僅僅只是它的巴黎咖啡館風格裝潢,親切的店員用法文問候客人。坐在店裡聞著可麗餅的香氣,聽著皮雅芙(小麻雀)的法國香頌,過了一個非常悠閒的下午。


Easily the most authentic French crepes in town. Chef Véronique brings the unique Parisian experience to Toronto’s Yorkville District. Crepes A GoGo‘s got delicious crepes, friendly service. It’s a lovely little cafe to visit! They have wide selection of crepes – both savoury & sweet!

店裡面小小的,聞香而來的人們不斷湧進來。店員們忙進忙出的但是還是不忘跟客人們”bonjour” “bonjour”的打招呼。
It was extremely busy in the store. Customers are greeted with “bonjour” and friendly smiles.

With the open concept cooking going on, the scent of food definitely lingers in the air.


可麗餅吃起來很不一樣,餅皮較厚但鬆軟有嚼勁。 可麗餅有鹹有甜,種類琳琅滿目,從巧克力到草莓香蕉甚至波菜起司燻考鮭魚,許多想像不到的創意搭配!

With so many different crepes to chose from, you will definitely be able to find something that suits your cravings.


Their menu is available online. 菜單選項在這裡

別忘了一定要喝他們獨家調製的 Limonana,夏天喝了冰冰涼涼的的Limonana真的很止渴,我們意猶未盡連續點了兩瓶。
When we saw everyone sipping Limonana from the straw, we wanted to see what it’s all about. It proves to be super refreshing! We love it so much that we ordered two large bottles. It’s all natural, and made with mint leaves, lemon juice and organic cane juice.

Two Locations:

18 Yorkville Avenue Map.f13bfa5
Toronto, ON M4W3Y8

750 Spadina Ave Entrance on Bloor St. Map.f13bfa5
Toronto, ON M5S2J4

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