Red Rocket Coffee

Meeting up with an old friend from Vancouver. We heard Red Rocket Coffee is highly rated, and highly recommended by customers, so we’ve decided to go check out the Wellesley store location.

和一位溫哥華很久不見的朋友相約去喝咖啡。我想試試在網路上的評價非常高的 Red Rocket Coffee ,於是來到開在 Wellesley 上面的新店。

It’s not a large space, but it’s sleek, bright, modern and full of personality. Decorated with 70’s comic artworks, Red Rocket Coffee offers a variety of unique twists to the beverage that gets you through the day. All fair trade and organic, signature coffees include creations such as Hot Blondie, mocha caramel coffee, and Dirt & Worms Hot Chocolate, hot chocolate with crushed Oreos and gummy worms! There are also many tea varieties such as Chantilli Grey and a few Ayurvedic options.

Also, great news for patrons with a sweet tooth, Red Rocket Coffee’s deserts are all homemade treats from the Leslieville location, brought over daily. Cakes, shortbread, muffins, scones, chocolate chip cookies… you name it!

店面不大,但是挑高的天花板,整面的落地窗,讓整個空間很明亮。擺設整齊,窗明几淨,搭配上七零年代的漫畫藝術裝潢,很有特色。牆上的Menu非常長,有很多Red Rocket的獨家調配咖啡及茶飲,這裡所有的咖啡都是公平貿易的有機咖啡豆。玻璃櫃裡展示了許多好吃的甜點,像是蛋糕,餅乾,派。連垃圾桶都是紅色的火箭狀,好可愛!

Love the garbage can, it’s an actual red rocket!

(East of Jarvis)
Opens Daily 7am-6pm

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