My Earring Creations 手工耳環


When I was visiting New York. I always liked to check out the street vendors for their artistic creations. Some of their works are really quite impressive. There was a cute young guy chatting with his customers and at the same time his hands was busy wrapping the wires into a ball shape. He is making a pendant for the necklace. So chic and simple. I told myself, “this is easy enough, I can make one on my own!” And I came up with a pair of earrings!

總共用了三種顏色的鐵絲線,最裡面是普通的銀色鐵絲,中間是桃紅色鐵絲,最外圍是金色的鐵絲。這些材料都是我在工藝品店 Michaels 買的。

I used three types of wires. The innermost one is just a regular silver wire, the one in the middle is a hot pink wire, and the outermost one is gold wire. All of the materials are purchased at Michaels many years ago.

上面的勾環是用在 The Sassy Bead Company 買的 Sterling Silver,以減少過敏的機會。這樣一付耳環做起來很快,大約30分鐘就完成了。每次當有人稱讚我的耳環時我都會很驕傲的說,是我親手做的!

I have skin allergies, so for the hook I opted for sterling silver which I got at The Sassy Bead Company. It only took me about 30 minutes to finish the earrings. I had a lot of complements from people, and I am not shy to tell them that I made these myself!