London Wall Stickers 可愛的倫敦壁貼

ArtApplique London Wall Decal

新家的牆上有一些些斑斑點點,可是忙著結婚的事情,暫時沒有精力去粉刷。於是我想到可以用壁貼先將醜醜的髒汙遮蓋起來,嘿嘿,說穿了不過是懶人偷吃步罷了。一直都有在尋找壁貼,可是大部分都比較稚氣,多數是給小朋友房間的壁貼,而比較漂亮的呢,又因為價錢高昂,也買不太下去。一直到前幾個禮拜在 Beyond the Rack 看到了壁貼大特價,一套才$19.99。當然馬上就給它下手啦!

ArtApplique London Wall Decal

Our new condo has some minor stains on the walls, but we don’t have the energy to paint the walls at the moment. (Maybe after the wedding? :P) Therefore we have to think of ways to disguise it for the time being. Most of the wall stickers are too cute for us because they are usually for baby rooms, and some of the prettier ones can be pricy. It wasn’t easy to find the one we like.

我們買的是 ArtApplique 的倫敦壁貼,ArtApplique通常一組壁貼是$35.99,還真的省了不少。

ArtApplique London Wall Decal

A few weeks ago we found ArtApplique Wall Stickers on sale @ Beyond the Rack for $19.99. Considering that it’s normally $35.99, it’s a great deal and we bought a set!

方法很隨興,你高興怎麼貼就怎麼貼。這個壁貼有特別的黏性,可以撕下來重貼,所以不用擔心手抖貼歪。有點像是便條紙,可是比便條紙更有黏性100倍。看~理查好專注的貼貼紙 😛 他應該有回到童年時光的感覺吧

It’s really easy to apply. Clean the surface and stick the stickers on any way you like. They can be re-positioned at any time because of the special adhesive at the back. It doesn’t damage your walls and it doesn’t leave sticky glue marks at all. So don’t worry if you got shaky hands ^.^


I love this London Theme. It includes all the known attractions such as The London Bridge, Big Ben, double decker buses, London Eye, and my favourite – the red telephone box!

在貼倫敦大橋的時候我一直唱著英國童謠 「倫敦大橋垮下來,垮下來,垮下來…」

I can’t stop myself form singing the nursery rhyme: “London Bridge is Falling Down, Falling Down, Falling Down…”


There are still some Wall Decals left, and we bring some into our bedroom. I love the way that they are just peeking over the books. Adorable!


Let your creativity soar! Position them any way you like. If you have kids at home, they will definitely love this.

方法簡單又容易,不會殘留膠在牆上,也完全不傷牆壁表面,如果看膩了也可以很輕易的把他們撕下來,隨便你是要重新排列,還是要換整組圖樣。甚至也可以貼在傢俱上,讓舊傢俱煥然一新! 真的不失為一個美化家裡的好裝潢方法。

Wall decals are the perfect affordable alternative to hand painted wall art or wallpaper. They can even be applied on your furniture too. It’s easy to apply and remove and does not damage the surface. Do you have a spot that needs a creative way to cover up or an old furniture that needs new makeover? Why not consider the Wall decals? 😀

ArtApplique London Wall Decal from Beyond the Rack