Micky & Mickey’s Wedding

Congratulations to Micky and Mickey! Sweet M&M 😀

Cute Post Card Invitation 可愛的愛心名信片邀請函

Ladies in RED! 我們不約而同的都穿了紅色出席 XD

With dear Nana

Guests’ seating cards. Each table is named by the cities that M&M have traveled.


R&R。(理查才喝了一口紅酒,就看起來眼神散換 XD)

One of the wedding favour; this Chinese knots with Persimmon fruits means “good fortune” & “all the best.”

Doug and Jocelyn 🙂 Doug 你要多露齒笑比較自然喔

接下來專業的來了, Photo courtesy of the talented Brendon Su

Photo Curtesy of Brendon Su

Brendon is a good friend and an amateur photographer. But to me he is just amazing. Look at the way he captures the moment. Great lighting and compositions can be seen throughout his photos.

Photo Curtesy of Brendon Su

Brendon 把大家照的都好漂亮,他很會抓拍,擅長人物特寫,讚啦!

Photo Curtesy of Brendon Su

Photo Curtesy of Brendon Su

A photo with the bride. 當然要跟新娘來一張

Photo Curtesy of Brendon Su

And this is by far the most interesting wedding favor that I’ve seen 🙂 M&M has a blog post about their cedar tree wedding favour

Micky&Mikey 在他們的部落格上有詳細的介紹他們特別的婚禮小禮

還有當天的重頭戲,Kiss Kiss

Photo Curtesy of Brendon Su

Such a lovely wedding, the food was great, and the music selection was excellent. Mikey’s brothers were hillarious and Nicole’s speech was so touching. Congratulations to M&M!


Cedar Tree 擺在家裡好漂亮

P.S. I planted the Cedar Trees in a flower pot, unfortunately one has died and the other one is withering slowly… sigh…. they should be in better hands 😦

後註: 我把Cedar Tree 移種到花盆裡,一棵已經死掉了,一棵還在苟延殘喘中。唉呀~ 我真是個黑手指 😦

還有還有,Jenny的婚禮文在這裡 http://www.wretch.cc/blog/ayz75/25405284