Leaky Aria – Finally, Getting Close to the Finish Line

Aug 23, 2012

Richard and Angie from customer service came back this morning. They said the floor is scheduled to be installed on Sep 6, 2012. Before they install the floors, they want to make sure that there’s no more leakage! Good, I like that they are being thorough.

Richard poured a big bucket of water on the balcony as well as on the walls to make sure there’s no leakage from the corner. Looks good so far! Everything seems dry inside. I also want to mention that they always took off their shoes when entering our unit, very considerate of them.

Then Richard came back in the afternoon with a big caulking gun and did some more caulking on the exterior walls. Just to be 100% sure he said.

He asked me to observe for any further leakage for the next few days. If everything is fine, then they will come in to install the hardwood floor on Sep 6, 2012. Excellent!

September 6, 2012

Richard and two young workers showed up at our door early morning around 8:45am. They came in with a bunch of tools and equipment and started taking the damaged hardwood floorboards out. The whole process took less than an hour, and finally we have our brand new floors!

The baseboards are still to be completed. Richard said he will come back this afternoon to finish the job.
He was true to his words, I see his tools outside of my door when I left for work.


When I come home that night, everything is finished! Finally, we got our new floors installed! Took 4 months but finally it was done. To this day I am still not sure whether they fix it because of the Tarion report or because the Board of Directors gave them pressure. Maybe both. What have I learned? Perseverance!