Leaky Floor – Water Damage at Aria

This is to document our 4-months-long battle with Fernbrook/Cityzen/Menkes customer service to rectify the water leakage situation in our living room. 

We bought a new condo in May 2012. The first owner moved in Feb 7, 2011. We are the second owner. The condo was built by Fernbrook, Menkes and Cityzen. And we have water damage…

June 16, 2012

My fiance first noticed some hardwood floorboards darkened and bent out of shape right beside the patio door in our living room. Right away we suspect it’s water damage. However, we had no idea how long it’s been there. Maybe it was there when the previous owner was living in the condo. So we kept an eye on it.

June 17, 2012

There was a thunderstorm that day, and we noticed the dark spots are spreading. I checked the window and door for leakage, but none that we could see.

June 18, 2012

My fiance reported to the Customer Service office located in Aria tower I first thing in the morning. Angie was the customer service representative. She asked my fiance to fill out a request form and she will come up to our suite to check on the damage.

She didn’t show up that day.

June 19, 2012

We took more pictures and went downstairs to speak to Angie, she said she will come this afternoon to inspect the unit.

She came while we were away at work. And this is the message she left us.

“No evidence of water entry from door – please monitor leak during rain fall – call customer service”

I went to speak to Angie again. She told me that the previous owner had reported this problem on several occasions, and the result of the inspection was home owner damage because they used to dry their clothes on the in that corner.

She said until they find the source of leak, they will not replace the damaged floorboards because it doesn’t make sense to keep on replacing them. So the only thing we can do now is to wait for the next rainfall and monitor for any further damage.

At this point I still agree with her, we definitely need to find out where exactly the problem is and fix it properly.

June 22, 2012

There is another thunderstorm in GTA around 6pm. Heavy rainfall lasted for less than two hours. We noted the water was pooling right outside of the patio door.

On top of that, when we step on the damaged floorboards, you can clearly hear the water squishy sound coming from underneath.

(The volume is quite low, you will need to turn up the volume to hear it clearly)

June 22, 2012

We went to customer service office again at 9:30am to speak with Angie. (Apparently she is the only one there, there is no manager to talk to.) We told her that water was pooling outside of the patio door after the thunder storm. We also said obviously there is water underneath the floorboards because we can hear the water squishy sound when we step on them.

She didn’t even want to look at the video. I showed it to her anyways. After viewing the video she said something unbelievable, “I don’t see any water seeping through the floorboards. If it is truly water damage, you will see water on the surface no matter what. I have dealt with these cases many times before, I know what they look like. Anyway, I need to come up to your unit to inspect it once more.”

And we told her, there’s not much to see now because it’s already dry. The patio is dry, and floorboards are dry since we did not hear any squishy sounds this morning when we were stepping on the floor. Guess what she said? “How can it be dry? Water damage does not dry up that quickly.”

Lady, the rainfall was over 12 hours ago! Look outside! Do you see the streets still wet from yesterday? I am no expert, but I have the common sense to know if it’s a small amount of water, it will dry up pretty fast especially when the AC is on. We knew that by morning there wouldn’t be much for her to see and that’s why we took the video. After viewing the video she can still blindly deny the fact that there is water damage is just incredible. I guess we know now why she was hired for the position – it’s because she is very good at not admitting to fault and taking responsibility for it!

Not surprisingly, she did not show up today. Arghhh!!!

Enough of this, now we are going to file a report to Tarion. Cross our fingers and hope Tarion does something.