Planting Garlic種大蒜


16 degrees outside! Today is such a nice day for outdoor activity, and I have decided to plant some garlic. These garlic cloves are from my dad’s backyard. They are totally organic and I can’t wait to see if they will survive the winter.

大蒜要在秋天的時候種入土裡,等到明年春天就會發芽。要如何準備種大蒜呢? 先要把一整顆的大蒜剝成一瓣一瓣,但是皮要留著不能剝。(如圖)

Since I don’t have a garden, I am planting the garlic cloves in a pot. First divide the garlic bulb into individual garlic cloves; make sure the skins are intact.

Garlic cloves ready for planting!

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然後底下要有至少10cm的土,把大蒜種進去,尖尖的頭要朝上 (如圖)

Then make sure there is enough soil underneath as the garlic roots can grow quite deep underneath. (At least 10cm) Plant the garlic cloves with the pointy tips up.

Pointy sides up!

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Finally, cover the cloves with more soil. Again, about another 10cm of soil as the garlic can grow really high. It is recommended to layer some mulch on top as well to insulate the garlic in the winter and maintain the moisture in the soil.


Practically all parts of the garlic plant are edible. Next spring, if all goes well, I will be able to pick garlic flowers and leaves for stir fry or pesto. And the garlic bulb should be ready to be harvested in the summer! YAY! Fingers crossed!

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