Port Union Waterfront Park


Port Union Waterfront Park is a new discovery for me. One of the clinic that I work at is just steps away from this lovely shoreline.

What strikes me the most is how quiet it is. It’s like the air is frozen on this crisp sunny fall day. All I can hear is the occasional chirps and chucks from the busy squirrels.

(Posting my first iPhone 5 Panorama picture)

Definitely a lovely trail to stroll from time to time. The beaches are mostly made of cobble stones. Although there IS a small piece of sandy beach. I imagine people must come here and relax on the beach in the summer time.

Nice day for a stroll in the park

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It's even got a small sandy beach!

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The Port Union Waterfront Park connects 3.6 km of shoreline trail. Visitors have direct access to the Lake of Ontario. From afar, one can also see the Pickering Nuclear Generation Plant standing to the east of the park.

Lovely colora

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Tree branches

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Photos taken with iPhone 5 and edited with Instagram.