R+R Wedding in Taipei – 愛情MV


咳咳,我們決定還是不在多倫多宴請了,(不要打我! 結完婚整個大放鬆,要我再弄一次我沒有力氣)。所以呢,在這裡我會陸陸續續將我們婚禮當天的愛情MV,成長MV放上來。這都是我嘔心瀝血,絞盡腦汁,準備到眼睛脫窗的大製作,請多多給予掌聲。 XD


不但要從幾萬張照片圖檔裡整理出可用的照片,還要幫照片們做後製。然後拉著我家那位不善表演但又要求甚高的老公拍攝video, (光是沙灘上小跑的那段就NG了二十幾次)。準備音樂剪接,影片剪接,照片的slide show 穿插著不同的影片。數秒數數到抓狂,反反覆覆剪接片段直到完美,現在才了解做電視電影的不簡單啊!

之後還會跟你們分享專業的5D2影片 – 結婚當天的精華MV。敬請期待囉!

Dear friends and colleagues in Toronto,

After much debate, we decided that we will not host a reception party here in Toronto after all. (We have settled into a comfortable routine, and it’s hard to gather up the energy to throw another big party… sorry guys!) So instead, I am putting up our love MV and picture side shows on YouTube. These are the videos that I created. They were played on the wedding reception; originally I wanted to play these videos for the reception in Toronto as well. Since that’s not happening anymore, you get to enjoy them online! Remember to turn up the volume for the lovely music~ And please stay tuned for the wedding MV to come!