Sweets from the Earth

Vegan CupcakeI have always been a big fan of Sweets from the Earth. Their 100% all natural vegan desserts are must haves around my house 😛 They are a Toronto based bakery, and their products can be bought through out the GTA.

Needless to say, I am super excited when I discovered their new cupcakes in the store. Look how adorable they are!

Vegan cupcake

This one is my favourite – vanilla cupcake! Love the vanilla scent; creamy on top, soft at the bottom. Best of all, it’s not too sweet, just right. Vegan Cupcake

I am not exactly sure what flavour this is, my guess would be strawberry or cranberry cupcake. The savoury sour berry jam balances the sweetness of the cream. Excellent! (On a side note, I know it is suppose to be a heart shaped cream, but I kept thinking it’s a butt … sexy …. XD)
Vegan Cupcake

And this is cream filled cupcake. Don’t be fooled by the lack of cream on top, because it’s hiding inside! What a surprise when you bite into it! However, this is too sweet and rich for my blood.

Vegan Cupcake

And lastly, also the prettiest one of all, the dreamy lavender cupcake! In case if you haven’t tasted lavender before, it’s actually very minty, even a little bit bitter. In order to offset that bitterness, a lot of sugar has to be added. Therefore I find this too sweet for my not so sweet teeth. 😛Vegan Cupcake
Enjoy them with a cup of coffee or herbal tea. It’s the most relaxing moment in my busy day.