OneSight Mission!

我很幸運得被選為OneSight國際眼科醫療志工團的一員,五月要去墨西哥一個禮拜做義診,為當地人提供眼科醫療服務。在短短五天內,我們會幫助兩千五百多為病人,幫他們檢查眼睛,贈與需要的人新的眼鏡。試想,這些捐款,將會讓許多的貧窮兒童獲得新的眼鏡,幫助他們上課學習; 數以千計的人可以工作,可以閱讀,可以做手工賺錢,可以清楚的看到家人朋友。在此我要感謝大家的熱烈支持。我真的很幸運,家人朋友們都這麼善良有愛心,短短幾天內就收到好多人的慷慨樂捐。真的是謝謝大家的愛心!如果你也想幫忙,請按下面的圖片到我的籌款網站,不論金額大小,任何一毛錢都會有深遠的影響。謝謝大家的愛心!

I am very excited to be selected to participate for the OneSight Global Clinic. It is an amazing opportunity and a huge honor; the privilege of improving lives, one pair of eyes at a time.The vision clinic will take place in the city of Cuernavaca, Mexico in May, 2014. We will provide vision care services to both adults and children.The goal will be to help approximately 2,500 patients in 5 days of Clinic.

All of OneSight’s administrative overhead are covered by Luxottica, so your donation will directly support OneSight’s vision care programs around the world. No amount is too small, all donations are greatly appreciated. Please help us deliver clear vision to those in need and change their lives!

Thanks to all my dear friends and family for the overwhelming support. I am so touched and moved by all of your kindness. On behalf of everyone who is affected by the generous donation, thank you, thank you thank you!!!


OneSight Fundraising Site for Rachel