Cuernavaca, Mexico: Behind the scene 墨西哥義診行番外篇

上一篇分享了去墨西哥義診,現在這篇算是番外篇,記錄在 Cuernavaca 這個城市的吃喝玩樂之經歷。噗,工作之外忙裡偷閒嘛!

My last post was about the OneSight experience. This one is Cuernavaca behind the scenes. We work hard and we play hard!


Cuernavaca is an old city in Mexico. It’s also known as the city of eternal spring. Because of its mild weather, the nobles of the Aztec calls Cuernavaca their summer residence. The city is warm and calm, full of vibrant colors – flowers, trees, exotic birds, fruits and of course colorful spanish architecture. We love strolling along the charming streets, looking at delicate artisan crafts, and admiring the richness of cultural history.


Cuernavaca Cathedral 是城市裡最大的天主教大教堂。西班牙人當初在殖民時期為了強化他們的民族文化,蓋了非常多教堂。現在成為Cuernavaca主要的觀光勝地之一。

Cuernavaca Cathedral is the largest Catholic Cathedral. It’s now one of the busiest attraction site in the city.





城市的中心廣場是最熱鬧的地方。每到晚上就有很多舞蹈家,藝術家,音樂家,雜技演員來到這裡表演。廣場旁邊有幾個小市集,小吃攤,珠寶攤,玩具,工藝品。。。等等,應有盡有。我們在市集廣場的中心找了一家餐廳坐下來吃飯 – Casa hidalgo, 一邊享受街頭音樂藝人表演傳統墨西哥音樂。

The public square is where the actions happen. It attracts dancers, artists, musicians, magicians to perform in the square. There are food trucks for the hungry tummies and souvenir shops selling jewelry, crafts and toys. A good place to shop for souvenirs without costing a great fortune.



This is a view of Cuernavaca from the top floor of Casa hidalgo. A great vantage point to take pictures of Cuernavaca.


Casa Hidalgo

Casa Hidalgo


En salsa de flor de calabaza y huitlacoche spaguetti 南瓜燉木耳義大利麵


Mariachi serenade us with folk music.

最後一天,當地的扶輪社宴請款待我們,這家餐廳裡充滿了珍禽異獸,非常漂亮。At the very last day, we were treated by the local Rotary Club to some fine dining. The grounds of the restaurant is very impressive. Full of beautiful birds and flowers. I can’t remember the name of the restaurant any more. If anyone knows the name for it, please let me know. 🙂


IMG_3207我的新朋友 – Funda 從土耳其來,Marino從克羅埃西亞來,不知道哪天才會再見到你們呢?

Shout out to Funda and Marino! My two new best friends!

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