Tricolor Handmade Soap

I haven’t made soap bars for a long while now. Finally this weekend we had a get together for a housewarming party. The guys are on the deck manning the grill and the ladies are inside making soap, while the kids are running and screaming in the background. In the midst of all the chaos, there’s a guy from Rogers installing home security as well. He probably thought we were cooking drugs with all our gloves ,masks, and chemicals, because it definitely looks like a scene out of Breaking Bad.

好久沒做皂了,這個禮拜去朋友家烤肉+皂聚。男人們在外面烤肉,女生在裡面打皂,背景是小朋友們跑來跑去尖叫笑鬧。在一片混亂中,還有一個保全人員在裝監視器防盜器,他大概覺得我們瘋狂至極,帶著手套面口罩煮奇怪的化學物品,會不會是在製造毒品? 😛DSC_0069

I used a variety of different kinds of oil this time because I want to use them up. For the colors, the yellow powder is tumeric, the green powder is wheatgrass, and the black color is coffee grinds.

我這次用了很多不同種的油,因為想要把ㄧ些剩下的油清一清。調色就用最自然的食物,黃色是薑黃, 綠色市小麥草,黑色是咖啡。 DSC_0060

After 48 hours of anxious waiting, I finally get to cup my soap open, and here is what they look like. I did expect that tumeric to lose its bright yellow color and become more of a cinnamon color. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the wheatgrass green turned out.


I wanted to do some swirls using the funnel tricolor tutorial that I saw on youtube, but my soap traced a lot faster than I anticipated, and the mixture became too thick to do the technique properly. Oh well, I am sure I’ll do better next time 😛

我嘗試著要做渲染,可是份量沒調好,而且手腳不夠快,一下子就皂化變成美乃滋狀,所以跟我心裡想像的有一段差距,但是也沒關係啦,自然就是美 😛

I have added Jasmine Floral Wax into my mixture as well. Other ladies used Rose Floral Wax into theirs. The floral wax smells incredible, and the aroma will linger till the soap is ready to be used. Ting’s husband got a whiff of the wax and said “It makes me feel like taking a shower!”



Ingredient Pounds Ounces Grams
Water 0.49 7.77 220.40
Lye – NaOH 0.18 2.93 82.95


# Oil/Fat % Pounds Ounces Grams
1 Almond Oil, sweet 8.2 0.11 1.76 50.0
2 Avocado butter 8.2 0.11 1.76 50.0
3 Castor Oil 8.2 0.11 1.76 50.0
4 Coconut Oil, 76 deg 29.5 0.40 6.35 180.0
5 Hemp Oil 8.2 0.11 1.76 50.0
6 Olive Oil 24.6 0.33 5.29 150.0
7 Palm Oil 8.2 0.11 1.76 50.0
8 Shea Butter 4.9 0.07 1.06 30.0
  Totals 100 1.345 21.5 610.0


Soap quality Suggested Your Recipe
Hardness 29 – 54 37.2
Cleansing 12 – 22 20.9
Conditioning 44 – 69 57.7
Bubbly 14 – 46 28.6
Creamy 16 – 48 24.1
Iodine 41 – 70 65.6
INS 136 – 165 150.0

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