The City by the Bay – San Francisco Sightseeing

We have been talking about taking a trip in California for years. In fact, we have so many friends and relatives living in the Golden State, we don’t know why we haven’t been there more often. This is my first time travelling to San Francisco, and I certainly was dazzled by the gorgeous views, charming houses, fantastic food, and cute cable cars! First stop, Fairmont San Francisco. We were so lucky that our dear friend had unused Fairmont Coupons. Our suite was lovely and luxurious. Situated on top of the Nob Hill, the Fairmont San Francisco is as grand and luxurious as you can imagine. The only set back is that it’s so far away from the subway station, and we happened to drop in on a day when the cable car is out of service. Dagging two luggages to the top of Nob Hill is certainly no small task; we were totally out of breath by the time we reach the destination. (However, I am sure most people who can afford the Fairmont Hotel can afford to pay for a short taxi drive. We were just trying to save a few bucks wherever we can.)



Fairmont San Francisco Our room doesn’t exactly have a “view.” If you extend your arms long enough, you can sort of get a shot of the city with the camera. San Francisco From the top of Nob Hill, you can see the Bay area that’s covered by light fog. Nob Hill Just a few steps from the hotel is the Grace Cathedral.Grace Cathedral, San Francisco Grace Cathedral, San Francisco
We love hopping on and off the cable car, a great icon in San Fran that I’ve seen in movies hundreds of times. This is the last manually operated cable car system in the world. Thank goodness that it started running the second day we were in town. We were always so excited to hear the familiar “Ding Ding” sound from the approaching cable car, it reminds me of a jelly old grandpa working hard to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Cable Car, San Francisco

The vibrant Chinatown, San Francisco


The Ferry Building Marketplace boasts artisan food and local produce. A lively and fun place to spend some quality time shopping and tasting different ethnic foods.

Pier 39 has lots of souvenir shops and restaurants, it’s also home to thousands of sea lions!


And of course one can’t miss the infamous Alcatraz when one visits San Fran. That’s the next to come.

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