San Francisco – Dining at Sons & Daughters

To celebrate our two year anniversary dinner, we dined at the Sons and Daughters in San Francisco. It is awarded with a one-star Michelin rating 4 years in a row. Best of all, they offer vegan friendly tasting menu if you send in a request in advance. Majority of the ingredients comes from their own farm in Santa Cruz Mountains. We saw the delivery truck from the Dark Hill Farm earlier that day, and the chef was standing outside inspecting the fresh produce. Their approach to the food is delicate, and creative. The wine pairing program is unique and thoughtful, with wines that balance, and enhance the beautiful food. The 28 seat dining room is warm and welcoming. I also love the personal touch they put in for our menu. Where else can you see your name on the menu?!Sons and Daughters

“Amuse-Bouche”, One Bite Appetizers. One for me one for Mr. R.

Sons and Daughters

Tomato Basil Soup. It tastes as playful as it looks.IMG_3802

 Garden Beans and Raddish with Avacado. I love those transparent little round sea kelp that bursts in your mouth.Sons & Daughters SFThe Alpine White Strawberries are such a novelty. They tastes like strawberries with a hint of pineapples. Lovely!
IMG_3800 Finish with a refreshing sorbet and creamy chochlate

IMG_3801 Thank you for reading. I really enjoyed my dining experience at Sons & Daughters. Wonderful preparation of the food, great atmosphere, excellent service, and to me, the best feature of all, is that they created an entirely vegan menu specifically for me. For all the vegans out there who would like to enjoy fine dining with your friends and family, Sons & Daughters is an amazing choice!

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