San Francisco and its Cafes around the city

Light lunch at the Bean Stalk Cafe. It’s a tiny little cafe focused on international sandwiches and coffee. I had the Tofu Veggie Sandwich; crunchy bread stuffed with mildly spicy kimchi flavoured tofu and fresh veggies. Yummy and filling! Vegetarian friendly and can be accommodated for vegan.

Bean Stalk Cafe

For Walking Dead fans, check out Cafe Terminus on California St. We only had time to stop and take a quick picture.

Cafe Terminus

Blue bottle is on our must visit list. We have been hearing about it for years and just dying to try the coffee shop. The pour-over coffee is crafted individually on the drip bar and the espresso comes from a rotating single-origin selection. They are also known for the caramelized Belgian waffles; excellent breakfast choice to start your day. I have to say, I enjoyed their latte more than the pour-over. The pour-over was nice but falls a bit short on body and flavour. Overall, great coffee, excellent baristas, definitely a must try.IMG_3813

Lastly, our absolute favourite  – Sightglass!

Sight Glass

At Sightglass, we ordered a cup of pour over. After the first sip, Mr. R rushed to buy two bags of beans to bring home. The coffee we had has a full body; it tasted as sweet as honey, layered with fruity peach and berry flavours.
Sight Glass

Watching the barista taking his time crafting a good cup of coffee is hypnotizing. It takes patience, skill, experience, and steady hands. And coffee that comes from love doesn’t disappoint. The art of coffee brewing is a hard lesson to learn. To master it, even harder. Sight Glass

Sightglass sources their coffee beans from all over the world. They roast their own coffee, one small batch at a time, to explore the best way to maximize each coffee’s inherent characters. The intimate relationship between sourcing, roasting and brewing is the key to their great coffee.
Sight Glass

Sightglass also offers a great space for their patrons. Its warm, spacious, and hip atmosphere attracts many coffee lovers to enjoy a good cup of joe.
Sight Glass

Love Sight Glass, definitely going to visit it again next time I’m in San Francisco!

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