A perfectly gloomy day for Alcatraz!

On this damp and gloomy day, we embarked on the cruise that took us to the infamous and notorious former federal prison – Alcatraz, home to the likes of Al Capone and Robert “the birdman” Stroud.  Alcatraz

A warning sign that welcomed us when we set foot on the rocky island in San Francisco Bay.Alcatraz

Dark and dingy, these tiny cells are only 5 X 9 feet. The prison inmates rotates from cell block to cell block during their stay in the prison. The picture below is a remake of a large photo display in the souvenir shop. I love how somber it is.


From afar, Alcatraz stands along in the ocean. Lonely and foreboding. 

The defunct hospital quarter is situated right above the dining hall. Both Robert Stroud and Al Capone spent years in these rooms. I have to say they look a lot nicer and spacious than the tiny cells below.Alcatraz

Part of the penitentiary ground is used to display art work of Ai WeiWei. Alcatraz

AI Wei WeiHow grim it must have felted when the inmates of Alcatraz look over these wired fence toward the open sea. The freedom is so close yet so far away.

We also visited the shower room, where the inmates took nice hot shower twice a week.IMG_3853

The shower room is chilly and eerie. I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

This is what a standard cell looks like, no bigger than 9 X 5 feet. Just enough for a bed, wash basin, toilet and foldable desk.


Postcards of Alcatraz displaced on the wall. IMG_3883

A look back in time

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