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Astrid y Gaston

Astrid y Gaston is the winner of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 4 years in a roll. Definitely one of the best restaurants I’ve ever had the pleasure to dine at. It is so… Continue reading

San Francisco and its Cafes around the city

Light lunch at the Bean Stalk Cafe. It’s a tiny little cafe focused on international sandwiches and coffee. I had the Tofu Veggie Sandwich; crunchy bread stuffed with mildly spicy kimchi flavoured tofu and… Continue reading

San Francisco – Dining at Sons & Daughters

To celebrate our two year anniversary dinner, we dined at the Sons and Daughters in San Francisco. It is awarded with a one-star Michelin rating 4 years in a row. Best of all, they… Continue reading


Polenta is ground cornmeal boiled with water or stock into a porridge  and eaten directly or baked, fried or grilled. I first came across it in an Italian restaurant and has been wanting to try to make the dish on… Continue reading

Tremont Cafe, Collingwood, Ontario

I was gravitated toward Tremont Cafe right from the beginning because of its lovely website. The restaurant is located in a historic building that used to be a hotel back in the 1889.… Continue reading


湛盧 Pour Over Coffee has become the newest coffee brewing trend in Taiwan. I was never a big fan of drip coffee. but after tasting award winning Panama Geisha coffee, I am floored!… Continue reading


自從去年吃了原素食府,驚為天人,成了我回台灣的 must eat 之一。每次去都是川流不息的食客,到了周末更是一位難求。菜色林朗滿目,時蔬沙拉區,養生私房菜餚,壽司區,汆燙熱炒區,異國料理,港式飲茶區,湯品部,pizza及義大利麵及燉飯區… 等等,但最讓我驚艷的是精緻可口的中西糕點。 Another amazing spot for vegetarian/vegan fine dining in Taiwan – Yuang Vegetarian Restaurant in Taipei. Being a vegetarian/vegan is so easy in Taiwan. Not only is it easy… Continue reading

台灣行之點心篇_Alex Pattisserie

接下來幾篇都會是有關回台灣大吃大喝之食記。每次回台都是養豬之旅,撐到不能在吃了還是硬要繼續塞,這次回去也不例外,其中幾個比較特別的店要放上來分享一下。 One of the most amazing thing about Taiwan is the food. Take this elegant pattiserie for example, not only does it offer the most delicate pastries and sweets, but it also have… Continue reading

Sweets from the Earth

I have always been a big fan of Sweets from the Earth. Their 100% all natural vegan desserts are must haves around my house 😛 They are a Toronto based bakery, and their… Continue reading

大阪燒 Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese savoury pancake with variety of ingredients usually consists of different vegetables and meat or seafood. My version of the okonomiyaki has shredded cabbage, corn kernels, shredded sweet potato, diced… Continue reading